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Clear. Competent. Concrete.

The world around us is changing ever faster. As Heraclitus said: The only constant in life is change. Dr Sabine von Oesterreich has her own take on this, referring to Darwin: It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one who is most ready to shape this change, to develop and adapt.

Leveraging tried and trusted methods and professional training scenarios for individuals, teams and organisations, Dr Sabine von Oesterreich coaches her clients in the art of handling conflict, crises and other challenges. The aim is to turn challenges into positive experiences. The way: overcoming barriers, expanding comfort zones and mapping out new directions.
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It’s competence that creates solutions

Dr Sabine von Oesterreich has been assisting executives and teams of high-profile organisations, including numerous DAX companies, as a consultant and coach for the past eleven years.
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Clear. Competent. Concrete.

The goal: turning challenges into positive experiences. The way: overcoming barriers, expanding comfort zones and mapping out new directions.


When organisations, teams or individuals seek advice, they do not just want to receive information. They are also looking for new ways of thinking and acting and the input from an experienced expert who observes from an outside perspective.

Need for advice emerges in times of great challenge, such as reorganisation and restructuring; confidence crises within a company; analysis and realignment of corporate culture; development of value-oriented leadership; managers in challenging situations; preparation for difficult negotiations; team development and conflict management; performance deficits.

If and when my brief requires, I also co-operate with notable experts from the worlds of business, academia and consultancy.


Advisory sessions often reveal a need for further training on the part of up-and-coming and well established professionals and executives alike, as well as teams. Professional training scenarios enable fresh ways of thinking and acting, thereby enhancing performance.

Typical mandates are: leadership, presentation and communication training, also with a focus on women; increasing resilience and the ability to handle difficult situations with confidence and aplomb; team and personality development.


The perspective of an experienced expert as well as a constructive dialogue provide useful tools for managing important personal and professional challenges. The result: finding direction and confidence, empowerment, and reaching defined goals.

Typically, I assist my client to overcome fears and performance problems; stress management, enhance energy, mental strength and motivation; develop practical and social competencies; increase self-confidence, self-assurance and self-composure; work/life balance; develop fresh perspectives and enhance decision-making abilities.

On request, Dr Sabine von Oesterreich uses the EOS/TOP personality diagnostics test developed by Professor Dr Julius Kuhl, Osnabrück University. This test covers emotions, affects, information processing and behaviour in their respective contexts, providing a unique functional-analytical perspective.

Talks & facilitation

Dr Sabine von Oesterreich facilitates at talks and events of business and non-profit organisations on current topics.

She is a member of the Women Speaker Foundation and gives talks on topics such as resilience, leadership, unconscious bias, and male archetypes.


If you wish to know more… please don’t hesitate to contact to me.

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